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Passion can be ignited and show in so many ways.  What do you think of this?  Does it capture passion?

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Time of Day

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If you ever wonder what time your photo session will be scheduled, all I can say is “golden hour, but it depends”. Let’s start with “golden hour”.  That is the hour or so just after sunrise or just prior to sunset.  It is the time of day when the light is the most pleasant – […]

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San Francisco Engagement Session

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So, keeping with the travel theme and going back to my love of engagement sessions, here’s an engagement session from a while back.  Jubi and Ankur got married in Houston but live in San Francisco.  When we talked about their wedding they asked if I were willing to do their engagement session in San Francisco […]

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Elissa and Justin – Engagement

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I love engagement sessions – part of the reason they’re complimentary with any album package.  It gives you great portraits as well as giving us all an opportunity to get to know each other better prior to the wedding day. Now, not only do you get some great portraits (yes, I’m bragging a bit), but […]

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