Hi, I am Jesus Tirso and I am the owner and principal photographer at Decca Photography.

I absolutely love weddings!  What is there not to love about a wedding?   The emotions.  The pageantry.  The rituals.  The celebrations.  The fun.  The beauty.  The romance.  Two individuals – two families – coming together to become one.   Where else can a photographer capture so many different aspects of life in one place?  Only at a wedding.

My philosophy is to provide you with top notch service and a product you’ll love to show off and I’ll be proud to have my name associated with.  I believe in having fun – and ensuring that I do not add to the stress that accompanies even the best planned wedding.  I capture the events of your wedding day as they occur – without directing them.  I want you to look back at your albums and photos and have them bring back the memories of your day.

My style is best described as photojournalistic with a sense of fashion, glamour, and romance.  I call it creative with style.  I emphasize the fashion and glamour during portrait sessions while emphasizing the photojournalistic aspects during the wedding day.  The romance is there all the time!

I have been involved in photography since I first borrowed a Minolta SRT-101 from a high school teacher during my junior year.  That experience led me to be the lead photographer for my high school yearbook.  As an undergraduate I pursued my love of photography as a way to provide a creative outlet and balance the engineering course load.  This education in photography provided the technical foundation that form the building blocks for understanding the art and science of photography.  I have continued to build on that foundation through seminars, workshops, and tutoring with many of the world’s top wedding photographers.

Many years and thousands of photographs later I put it all together to capture the beauty, emotion, and spontaneity that is always present at weddings.

I am a member in good standing of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).